Welcome to DEGO Finance NFT Airdrop!

Welcome to DEGO Finance NFT Aridrop!


Welcome to DEGO Finance NFT Aridrop!

Attention. Airdrop is over!

You can get a free NFT token by joining our airdrop.

This NFT could be staked for DEGO farming or trade on NFT exchange or simple decompose to DEGO token.

The 10 addresses with the most referrals will receive a special surprise!!

?Click ” @DEGOFinance_AirdropBot ” to begin the airdrop!

?Our Airdrop rules:

1) Join DEGO official Telegram group (https://t.me/dego_finance) and channel (https://t.me/DEGO_Announcement).

2) Follow DEGO on Twitter (https://twitter.com/dego_finance).
@ ****

3) Join DEGO Discord (https://discord.gg/xJjSJrd).
@ ****#****

4) Submit your ETH wallet address.
Note: please do not use the exchange address!!

5) Get your referral link

?You can claim it on the website after 48 hours, and the attributes of the NFT will be randomly generated when you claim it.

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